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A Creative Mind

I am an incoming Physics Ph.D. student soon-to-be based in Morgantown, WV. At the beginning of my physics career, I started my work as a physics student at Texas Tech University where I received my Bachelor's degree in Physics– with an Astrophysics concentration– in 2019. My undergraduate research focus was on black hole x-ray binary systems, which is discussed in further depth under my Research tab. I am proud to have laid the foundation for a strong career in Astronomy and invite you to learn more about my previous and current works.


I believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s dynamic world; that’s why I decided to create this hub for all my work, thoughts and ideas. I’ve been blessed to have developed a growing audience of friends, family, and  followers who offer me fantastic feedback. Take a look at my work and stay up-to-date with everything I have planned.



It's not always stars & more stars!


One of my first hobbies was music. I started piano during my formative years at age 5 and played for 8 years (stopping only because I had trouble finding a teacher similar in style to my first who challenged me in a way that really skyrocketed my growth). During that time, I also began the violin in 4th grade (age 10) and played through high school (age 18) before stopping and going off to college. I still pick up these instruments every now and then when I have the free time to practice and have learned pieces by Debussy, Mendelssohn, Glass, Tchaikovsky, and so many more great composers! (Forgive the very serious look in the video, I was extremely focused!!)

See some of my featured work below, and stay tuned for my Etsy shop launch!

Etsy Shop (coming soon)


First, let me start by saying cooking "meals" is not particularly my forté. However! I have always taken an interest in baking desserts for family holidays. As a kid, I prepared cheesecakes for Christmas, cookies for Easter, and a number of other sweet treats for various family parties. But the dessert I hold most closely to my heart was a poundcake recipe (made from scratch of course) taught to me by my late aunt. Casual brag: I really couldn't sugarcoat how good it is. Overall, I try my best to experiment every now and then with different desserts like lemon & cinnamon loaves, vegan and keto desserts, and more!


I I first began in fencing in the Fall of 2015 when I joined the Texas Tech intramural Double T Fencing Club! 'Sword fighting" always interested me as a huge Star Wars fan (lightsabers, obviously) and after watching the Lindsay Lohan version of "The Parent Trap" (you know the scene), so it was awesome to attend a school that offered the club sport, allowing me to learn the skill while entertaining a fun use of my french minor! I competed in a number of tournaments over a two-year period before hanging up my epée to focus wholly on my academics, but it was a wonderful stress reliever, I gained lifelong friends, and have high hopes of rejoining a club soon to brush up on my skills!


The use of various forms of art has been the primary outlet I rely on regularly to manage and boost my mental health.

Poetry: I began writing in my early college years to manage anxiety and now regularly use it as a means of vocal expression in addition to improving my creativity.

Paint: Though I don't paint frequently, due to a lack of materials and time, it's something I love doing and I specifically enjoy creating science related paintings!

Prints: Recently, I've gotten into creating abstract drawings. It's given me artistic freedom to create things that have no particular meaning, only to be enjoyed for their colorful appearances. 


All images watermarked for copyright purposes.

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