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I'm a Physics student from the Houston, TX area and received my Bachelor's degree in Astrophysics from Texas Tech University in 2019. Now, I'm preparing a move up the country road to Morgantown, West Virginia to begin my Ph.D. in the field this Fall! I'm excited to dedicate my doctoral career to exploring and researching pulsars and other astrophysical phenomena that take place throughout the near and far-reaches of the Universe we live in.


For many years I've contemplated the link between the Universe and the various metaphysical aspects of our existence. Before I go any further, I would like to be clear that this is not a religion/science kind of discussion. I am taking a much more philosophical route! In referencing metaphysical aspects, I refer to human existence on an energetic level rather than in the traditional "religious" sense. My goal is to delve into how the human mind and body can be physically affected by the energy (negative & or positive) that we put into our thoughts, actions, reactions, etc. and specifically how easily our health can become compromised by stifling particular aspects of ourselves. I hope that, at the very least, visitors will be able to consider an alternate view with an open-mind whether they choose to ultimately accept or reject it, and that in deep-diving into this relationship I will be able to deepen my own understanding of that which transcends physicality. I aim to keep my blog discussions as objective as possible and will use scientific data and research to back up all the questions and topics I consider.

Also, as a soon-to-be graduate student, I hope to use this site as a fun way to document my graduate school journey, so not all blog posts will follow the aforementioned style. Many will be much more fun, lighthearted, and entertaining!


We are all made of star-stuff and our existence is such a small speck in the grand scheme of our Universe! I'm so excited to share that intrigue among other non-astronomy interests with you! -V xx

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